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Journey with a Purpose:

We chose the name Expeditions Myanmar because an expedition is a journey with a purpose. Whatever your travel purpose, we are here to make sure your expedition into Myanmar is everything you want and more. Our philosophy of exploration travel means that you experience the joy of being exposed to the hidden corners and undiscovered elements of this amazing country. With a custom blend of comfort and adventure, Expeditions Myanmar brings you into the heart of this beautiful country so that you can leave knowing you experienced its essence, taking with you those precious memories that make a journey truly special.

Your Expedition Starts with Us:

At Expeditions Myanmar we believe that a true expedition is just as much about the destinations you visit as it is about the people who take that journey with you… your travel team, your fellow travellers, and the people you meet along the way. That’s why choosing Expeditions Myanmar as your partner makes all the difference. A trip with Expeditions Myanmar means that you get to discover unknown places, delve deep into the country’s natural wonders, and explore the tapestry that makes up the local culture backed by an energetic team of experienced travel professionals making sure you have an authentic experience every time. We are a dynamic team of educated and dedicated travel professionals backed by years of experience, so you have the security of knowing that your expedition team is made up of the best. We only work with the best local operators to create individual and unforgettable travel experiences.

Discover the Destination of a Lifetime:

Myanmar may be the last unspoiled travel destination in South East Asia, for years only experienced by the most adventurous of explorers. Now it is the destination of a lifetime offering a wealth of cultural, historical and scenic highlights for the discerning traveller. Ruins of ancient kingdoms, awe inspiring temples, former colonial hill stations, stretches of deserted beaches, an archipelago of 800 pristine islands, the last true primary jungles of the Sub-Himalayan mountain range, and much, much more. With over 130 ethnic minority groups inhabiting the country, the culture has been woven into a rich fabric of diverse identities, beliefs and languages to be explored. Whether your expedition into Myanmar involves beach and relaxation, trekking to ethnic minority villages, classic luxury river cruises, hot air balloon rides, or active biking and walking tours across the country, it is always tailored to suit your unique purpose.

We make it our purpose to live up to our name in every sense of the word, so join us in experiencing Myanmar in the best way… on a true expedition!

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